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Richard J Williams

Author, Section Editor

History of Art, University of Edinburgh

United Kingdom


Editor of Architectural Histories from June 2021 to June 2025
Richard Williams is Professor of Contemporary Visual Cultures at the University of Edinburgh. His books include The Anxious City (2004), Brazil: Modern Architectures in History (2009), Sex and Buildings (2013), The Architecture of Art History (with Mark Crinson, 2018), Why Cities Look the Way They Do (2019), Reyner Banham Revisited (2021) and The Culture Factory: Architecture and the Contemporary Art Museum (2021). He is currently researching the history of the elevated highway in São Paulo and elsewhere. 


Reviews Fall 2020
Reviews Fall 2020

Tahl Kaminer, Meg Bernstein, Sebastian Fitzner and Richard J. Williams

2020-12-02 Volume 8 • Issue 1 • 2020 • Volume 8 • 21