Special Collections

Update January 20th, 2023 - Due to the high number of Special Collection proposals received in the last few months, Architectural Histories is temporarily suspending the reception of new Special Collection submissions. Thank you for your understanding. 

What is a Special Collection?

A Special Collection (SC) is a set of articles under the guidance of one or more editors. These are scholars who are external to the Architectural Histories editorial team and act as guest editors for the SC.

How can I apply to edit a Special Collection?

Architectural Histories does not advertise open calls for papers for Special Collections. Instead, Editors interested in submitting a Special Collection proposal to Architectural Histories must formally present their proposal by filling our Special Collection template and sending it to the current editor-in-chief at editor-in-chief@journal.eahn.org, and the editorial assistant at editorial@journal.eahn.org. The details of the editorial process for Special Collections are described in the SC editorial guidelines.