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Isabelle Doucet

Author, Reviewer, Section Editor

Chalmers University of Technology



Isabelle’s research focuses on the relationship between politics, aesthetics, and social responsibility in architecture. She is particularly interested in the relationship between architecture and urban politics since the 1970s, including counter-cultural architecture, urban renewal and grassroots activism. She examines such questions through both conceptual-methodological inquiries (informed by Philosophy of Science and the Environmental Humanities) and historical and contemporary cases.


Architecture and the Environment
Architecture and the Environment

Sophie Hochhäusl, Torsten Lange, Ross Exo Adams, Daniel A. Barber, Aleksandr Bierig, Kenny Cupers, Isabelle Doucet, Jennifer Ferng, Sabine von Fischer, Kim Förster, Maroš Krivý, Andres Kurg, Ayala Levin, Ginger Nolan and Alla Vronskaya

2018-12-14 Volume 6 • Issue 1 • 2018 • Volume 6 • 20