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Sofia Nannini

Author, Section Editor, Reader

Department of Architecture and Design, Politecnico di Torino



Sofia’s research focuses on the relationship between building materials, society, and culture in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Europe. She is author of The Icelandic Concrete Saga (Jovis, 2024) and Icelandic Farmhouses (Firenze University Press, 2023). She is currently working on a book project tentatively entitled The Mechanization of Life: An Architectural History of Intensive Animal Farming, which combines construction history, zootechnics and animal studies. Furthermore, she is also interested in the connections between architecture, politics, and memory throughout the twentieth century, and she examines the relationship between the Italian society and the material and architectural legacy of the fascist regime. 


Reviews Summer 2021
Reviews Summer 2021

Sofia Nannini, Don Choi, Cosmin Ungureanu, Scott Redford and Miriam Volmert

2021-08-31 Volume 9 • Issue 1 • 2021 • Volume 9 • 11