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Out Now - Special Collection: Culture of Crisis






Realities of crisis have always surrounded architecture, and in fact sustained it. Yet because of the ubiquity and persistence of crisis over the last few years, to speak of ‘crisis’ at this moment has become to speak of a ‘culture of crisis’, with its own politics of antagonisms, local and global. The papers in this special collection historicize ‘crisis’ in relation to architecture, precisely to uncover the complexity of stakes in moments of crisis. Architectural Histories contemplates the social role of architecture in advancing or challenging social priorities and biases; the role of architectural education in the ups-and-downs of the construction industry; the subversive potentials of art, architecture and urbanism; and indeed the complicity or resistance of architecture in the face of historical antecedents to our own culture of crisis.


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Architectural Histories is open to submissions that fit the general focus and scope of the journal. To submit an article, we encourage you to register for the journal and submit directly online.

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