Published: 25/04/24

Investigations on the concepts, designs, and plans of women in the production of exhibitions on various scales.

Published: 06/07/22

Exploring the contribution artists made to architectural practice, this collection reassesses the cultural significance of architectural forms and craftsmanship in early modern Europe.

Published: 18/05/21

This collection examines the roles of politics and aesthetics in the global expansion of architectural postmodernism through examples from the global West, East and South.

Published: 10/03/21

This special collection considers architects as commercially-oriented practitioners whose activities are strongly tied to a wide range of business actors.

Published: 01/09/22

Embedding the creation of wartime and interwar institutions into broader frameworks of imperial and colonial warfare, this special issue on the State of Emergency during World War One also maps the development of survival, coping, and resistance mechanisms by those forced to contend with everyday scarcity on the ground.

Published: 03/11/20

This collection examines the role of compradors, the “middle men” of the colonial enterprise, in the development of the modern built environment.

Published: 09/10/20

This Special Collection unites key positions that critically reflect the impact of contemporary feminist discourses on the (re-)writing of architectural history.

Published: 15/10/19

This Special Collection asks about architectural theory and its Marxist imprint in the Second and Third World in the decades of the 1950s through the 1980s.

Guest Editors: Hilde Heynen & Sebastiaan Loosen

Published: 12/06/19

This Special Collection introduces the concept of ‘resilience’ in architectural history. The histories featured here offer alternative lenses through which to examine instances of reuse, adaptation, restoration, and destruction in architecture. In so doing, they challenge established historiographies and deep-seated conceptions of modernity in architecture.

Published: 07/12/18

Issue Editor: Mari Hvattum

Style is ‘a word to avoid’ wrote George Kubler in 1979. Is it still? This Special Issue finds out.

Published: 13/06/18

How the idea, legacy and institutions of 'Europe' affect the production of architectural knowledge within a new global order.

Published: 13/06/16

Issue Editors: Davide Deriu, Belgin Turan Ozkaya, and Edoardo Piccoli

This Special Collection explores how travel, as a collective and individual practice, has been implicated in diverse architectural cultures across a wide range of periods and geographies.

Published: 18/12/15

Guest Editors Anne Hultzsch and Catalina Mejia Moreno

This Special Collection opens up the field of word-image relationships to architectural history by exploring the rising coexistence of the graphic and the verbal in the public dissemination of the built in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Published: 20/06/14

Issue Editors Matthew A. Cohen and Maarten Delbeke

Published: 29/10/13

This issue examines the multiple and complex relationships of architecture as a practice, a discipline or a field of knowledge with historical instances of crisis.